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Strategy & Planning

All the projects we undertake start here. If you are do not plan your site carefully, you are planning to fail. We plan each step with you, by your side.

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Responsive web sites

As many ways as possible for people to see your products or services. We create beautiful and well-functioning websites, no matter the size or resolution of the screen used.

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Interactive content

We help you communicate with your customers with rich interactions that increase user interest and retention, using HTML5 quizzes, polls, questions and blogs …
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Client training

Launching your web site is only the first step in an ongoing process of improvement and development. We train and empower our customers to manage, update and support their own web presence …Find out more

Clever & beautiful

We combine beauty, simplicity and ease of use to make your brand stand out on the Internet. Each part of your site should have a clear function and contribute to your final goal – business.
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Photograpy & video

Photography and video are the closest to reality that we can experience directly. By adding photos / video to a website, you give your users an experience that goes hand-in-hand with what you are selling.Find out more

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Design isn't everything, or is it ...

Design is not only what your customers see, it's also what they live. Why do you want to be remembered for?




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We are curious and curiosity continues to lead us down new paths.

Social Media in Plain English

If you are confused by social media, like what is the point of it all or how it can be a huge advantage for your business, then have a look at this short video that provides a simple analogy between social media and ice cream. I'm sure you will see that social media...

6 reasons why HTTPS should be enabled on your website

So, I hear you say, what is https? Well, this is the old http + an 's' = https SSL, secure socket layers, which means that all data is encrypted so that everything you share with the SSL website is secure . You've already seen it if you bought something online and it...

How do you know when or if a blog is good for your business?

How do you know when/if a blog is good for your business? A blog ... sounds trendy, doesn't it? A blog represents one of the most accessible means of online publication for individuals, groups, communities, and of course for businesses. The origin of the...

Six keys to a successful professional website

Six keys to a successful business site seems too simple to be true. However, since there are only two goals for a successful website, it's really not that complicated. The two goals are to get the right people to your website and encourage them to buy, to contact you,...

20 reasons why having a free website could cost you dearly

20 reasons why having a free website could cost you dearly 20 reasons why having a free website is a really bad idea - It's easy to build a website, isn't it? And it's free, yeah? There are many website development tools that allow you to drag and drop images and...

Some of The Risks of Written Communication + 20 Tips for Social Media Users

Communication, whether in business or socially is undergoing changes away from face-to-face communication and more and more towards written communication. This can be seen in everyday communication where e-mail is the stock medium for everyday...

Social Media and the herd instinct

Have you ever noticed how some websites attract hordes of visitors and others, which do not look so different, just have a handfull for no apparent reason? I guess the same can be said for social media sites such as Facebook, Snap, LinkedIn and Twitter etc. - there...

Using images for FAQs instead of text

It is clear that images are more appealing and hold more attention than the simple text could do. If we then add some kind of interaction to the user side, we add an active process, as opposed to a passive process, that is reading. It may also be easier and more...

Help! My website is down.

Help! My website is down. When you visit your web address at your heart misses a beat and you feel a sinking feeling faced with a blank page. This is a horrible feeling - especially if you have a business website - I mean, what are your clients...

Styling the Captcha text

Styling the Captcha text Styling the Captcha text on the Divi contact form, straight out of the box is often too small and in the wrong place, which can be confusing and irritating for your users. We can solve this quite easily with a few lines of CSS to makeit look...

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